5 Dumbest Auto Insurance Fraudsters

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Have you been tempted to get rid of that piece of crap car you’ve been driving for 10 years by torching it, crashing it or having it stolen for auto insurance money? You’re apparently not alone. These five wannabe scammers made their best (and dumbest) attempts at committing auto insurance fraud to make a quick buck.

1. Jail Time for a Scammer Groom

In the United Kingdom county of Manchester, a bridegroom and his parents were jailed for a year after making false compensation claims.

Andrew Singh, 26, his mother Niramella and father Graham claimed they were injured in two minor crashes involving some of their wedding party. They sued the operator of the bus they chartered then submitted a video that they said could prove they’d been in the bus.

The only problem is that further in the tape, Singh and his family could be seen dancing and having a ball after the accident. They had sued the company for £1,500 each but ended up having to pay £73,000 in court costs.

2. When Posting on YouTube Goes Wrong

A brother and sister duo thought it would be cool to commit insurance fraud by making false collision claims on two separate occasions. The first time, Jay Xi Chen claimed his sister Tracy Chen Chen had crashed his Nissan GT-R, but then withdrew his claim. The second time, only two and a half months later, he filed another claim for the same vehicle, claiming he had crashed it this time.

The guy naively made two mistakes, however. First, he forgot that his car had been at a local collision repair shop for two months and therefore couldn’t have been in the second accident. Not to mention that there was a video posted on YouTube of the car crashing into a wall. Ultimately, they were charged with seven combined counts of felony insurance fraud and faced five years of prison.

3. Teacher’s Fraud Attempt Goes Up In Flames

Tramesha Lashon Fox, a Houston high school chemistry teacher, decided she was tired of making her monthly car payments and gave a couple of her failing students As in exchange for a little car theft and arson.

Her students did the deed but couldn’t hold their tongues about the incident. As a result, the teacher was busted, lost her job and was sentenced to 90 days in jail. Well, at least she no longer had to worry about her car insurance payments

4. Two Couples, One Really Dumb Idea

Robert and Teresa Hammond, along with Margaret Dillavou and Paul Gaines from Illinois came up with the really bad idea of crashing the Hammonds’ car into a tree to collect a sizable insurance claim. They even videotaped the entire event.

The only problem is that some time later, after Dillavou and Gaines started a divorcing process, Gaines found the videotape that Dillavou had lost. The bitter soon-to-be ex-husband turned the tape into the authorities and scored the two men and women 24 months of probation.

5. Insurance Fraud Attempt Turns into a Muddy Situation

Matthew Mueller of Akron, Ohio tried his best to commit a great fraudulent act when he decided his 1997 BMW’s insurance problems were too much to bear. Instead of getting the car fixed, he rented a backhoe, buried the car on his father’s rural property and reported the car stolen.

This would have worked had he not had second thoughts about his decision. He tried to dig the car out with the same backhoe. Unfortunately, it got stuck in the mud. With evidence that he’d committed fraud for everyone to see, his muddy situation landed him a year in jail.

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