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Alfa Insurance Group: Review and Rating

Alfa Insurance Group began operations in 1946. The spawn from the Alabama Farmers Association has been offering affordable and supportive auto insurance for over 50 years. Since then they have maintained a loyal customer base in five out of six states due to the companies moderately small size and its mannerly customer service and employee hospitality towards new members. The company began providing fire insurance to Alabamian farmers a generation ago, then grew larger and favored life insurance, automobile, life, dental, boat, flood, personal umbrella, loans and medical insurance policies.

Alfa Insurance Benefits – Why Buy Car Insurance from Alfa

Alfa offers one of the cheapest home owners insurance quotes for residents of their own state. This can be due to it’s history in providing farmers insurance for many years, knowledge of the landscapes, tax credits, and company reputation. For example, they offer no extra charges on Insurance policies for student drivers with permits. Just another example of cutting the customer a price break on their quote.
Additionally, they do not combine nor consider hindering nor inflating policy premiums due to lapsing coverages of other types (e.g., auto, motorhome, property, life), within the same household.

Alfa Auto Insurance Complaints

Setbacks, if any, would underly in Alfa’s Motorcycle insurance. They can be prying in deciding fees and quotes by information such as cycle school contacts, model and make, and miles driven. This is with many companies as motorcycles are statistically more dangerous than automobiles in many locations nationwide. With that, automobile premiums and insurance costs in comparison to earlier decades has risen tremendously. They offer such a wide range of different types of insurances to cover a particularly small area to the rest of the country. This can relax on hiring enough specialists that are expertly keen on details in each and every particular type of insurance offered. The old adage is, ” do one job and do it right”.

Special Services Provided by Alfa

The Insurance company offers special services in relation to inpatient treatments and auto or injuries under their claims. They offer a no dollar limit for any benefits in hospitals including the 300 dollar deductible per person, per admission. They cover a full 365 days of care to get you up and moving again. They offer 100 percent allowable amount coverage on Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. No charge on preventative services such as colorectal cancer screening.

States Covered by Alfa Insurance

If you do not reside in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina, or Tennessee you’re out of luck. The six state coverage area reaps the benefits of great auto and home insurance that many other states cannot attain. It is not known if Alfa will expand it’s boundaries in the near future but with such pro-rated reviews it’s be a major crime if they didn’t.

Consumer Ratings and Overall Reviews

Overall reviews and opinions of Alpha were moderate to excellent. Most customers were happy despite the industries increase on the automobile insurance quotes, which rose in comparison to other types insurances offered in the top 10 small insurance companies nationwide.

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