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Arizona Car Insurance

Despite having one of the worst records in the country for speeding offences (only “bettered” by California and Texas), a higher than national average for fatal road accidents and a rate of almost one-in-five uninsured drivers, Arizona car insurance is not prohibitively expensive.

As the only legal alternatives to auto insurance in Arizona are to lodge a bond for one million dollars with the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) of the Arizona Department of Transportation or make a cash deposit of $40,000, the majority of road users chose to prove their “financial responsibility” by taking out an Arizona car insurance policy.

Arizona Car Insurance Requirements

One of the main reasons why the average Arizona car insurance premium is lower than you may expect is because Arizona has one of the lowest minimum liability limits in the country. Although this is beneficial if you want cheap Arizona car insurance, you may have to increase your liability limit if you want to drive out of State – only California and Nevada have similar car insurance requirements.

Minimum liability limits for auto insurance in Arizona

$15,000 for injury/death to one person

$30,000 for injury/death to more than one person

$10,000 for damage to property

Arizona Auto Insurance Laws

The State of Arizona requires that you carry evidence of your car insurance policy (or alternative means of financial responsibility) on you at all times for any vehicle you operate on public roads – even a golf cart!  The Arizona MVD works closely with the insurance companies in Arizona to determine who is insured and who is not, and if you are unable to show adequate proof of Arizona auto insurance when asked to do so (even by the MVD), your vehicle registration – and maybe even your driver’s license – will be suspended. You could also face a fine of up to $250.00.

To clear a suspension of your vehicle registration (for whatever reason it has been suspended), you have to submit a SR-22 form and pay a $50.00 reinstatement fee. The SR-22 form must be from an authorized Arizona car insurance company and will be held on file at the MVD for a period of three years. Driving under the influence (DUI) carries strict penalties in Arizona and, as well as facing a mandatory jail sentence for your first offence, you will have your driver’s license suspended for at least 90 days and be required to have an interlock device (breathalyzer) fitted to your car.

Recommended Arizona Car Insurance Coverage

Because the minimum liability requirements on Arizona auto insurance policies are so low, the first recommendation is to take a car insurance policy with a higher liability limit. This will save you money should you ever be at fault in a road traffic accident and the medical costs of somebody you have injured, or repair costs of property you have damaged (other than your own) are higher than the amount you are covered for on your auto insurance. It will also enable you to drive in States to the east and north without potentially having to change your Arizona car insurance policy.

Collision coverage is also strongly recommended, particularly if you live or travel in an area affected by the summer dust storms. During these periods of virtually zero visibility, adding collision coverage to your Arizona car insurance policy will enable you to cover the costs of your own car repairs if you are involved in a no-fault collision due to the dust. Other areas of auto insurance coverage which are recommended for residents of Arizona are comprehensive car insurance (in case your car is stolen) and uninsured/underinsured auto insurance, due to the high percentage of drivers who drive without adequate car insurance in Arizona.

Cheap Arizona Car Insurance Quotes

The best way in which to obtain Arizona car insurance quotes is to use a car insurance comparison engine on the internet. This can save you hours of looking at individual Arizona auto insurance web sites or calling around the offices of companies which offer car insurance in Arizona.

Although the cheapest car insurance in Arizona may cover you for the absolute minimum liability requirements, and legally permit you to drive in Arizona, some auto insurance companies offer discounts on comprehensive coverage if you have air bags or automatic restraints in your car, if you are a non-smoker or if you combine your household insurance with your auto insurance in Arizona.

All drivers should consider increasing their deductable for comprehensive and collision coverage – provided that the reduction in your car insurance premium is worthwhile – and pay-as-you-drive plans are also being introduced by Arizona auto insurance companies, When looking for a cheap Arizona car insurance quote, do not forget to ask if you qualify for a car insurance discount.

Arizona Car Insurance Ratings

Your auto insurance quotes you receive will be influenced by Arizona car insurance ratings. These are factors which the Arizona car insurance companies believe affect the risk they are taking when they insure your car and are based on historical statistics they have collected.

So, although it is true that Arizona is a quiet State in terms of car theft (see below), it may be possible that drivers of a certain gender, driving a particular make of vehicle are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident if they conduct a certain type of business – and you will be quoted on the basis of that historical data.

Other factors which influence auto insurance quotes in Arizona include:-

  • Where You Live – The first thing any auto insurance company in Arizona will ask you is your zip code. This is because if you live in a quiet town that hardly gets any passing traffic, you are less likely to be involved in an accident than if you live in Tucson.

  • Age, Sex and Marital Status – Younger and older drivers are typically given higher insurance quotes in Arizona than those of middle age. Females and married drivers are also perceived to be safer drivers due to statistics issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

  • Driving History and License Status – If you have been driving for a number of years without collecting any driving violations or being responsible for a road traffic accident, you will benefit in lower car insurance premiums in Arizona for being a safe driver.

  • Year, Make and Model of Vehicle – Auto insurance rates in Arizona are also influenced by the make and model of car that you drive. Newer, more safety conscious vehicles will receive lower car insurance quotes in Arizona than a twenty year old gas guzzler.

  • Vehicle Usage – If you only use your car for a little shopping or picking the kids up from school, bring this to the attention of your car insurance company. Lower mileage represents lower risk as far as Arizona auto insurance companies are concerned.

Most Stolen Cars and Vehicles in Arizona

As mentioned above, the make and model of your vehicle may attract higher or lower car insurance premiums in Arizona. If you car appears on the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s “Hot Wheels” list of the most stolen vehicles in Arizona, you may be punished by higher car insurance rates.

The list for 2009 was as follows:-

1.       Honda Accord

2.       Honda Civic

3.       Dodge Ram

4.       Ford F150 Pick Up

5.       Ford F250 Pick Up

6.       Chevrolet Pick Up

7.       Ford F350 Pick Up

8.       Nissan Sentra

9.       Nissan Altima

10.     Toyota Camry

Where Your Car May Get Stolen in Arizona

The National Insurance Crime Bureau also publishes a list of the 360 districts in which your car is most likely to get stolen. Arizona has a very low frequency of vehicle theft in relation to many other States, but six districts made it into their list (their national position is in brackets). If you live in any of these districts, the rate of car theft in your neighborhood will affect your car insurance rates in Arizona.

1.       Tucson (24)

2.       Phoenix (40)

3.       Yuma (62)

4.       Lake Havasu City (128)

5.       Flagstaff (261)

6.       Prescott (312)

Typical Arizona Car Insurance Rates

Considering all the factors above, auto insurance rates in Arizona are a little above the national average of $1,440. The list below reflects what car drivers paid for their Arizona car insurance in 2009 and are included as a guide. Your own individual quotation will be influenced by your personal circumstances.

Car insurance in Yuma – $1,360

Car insurance in Scottsdale – $1,485

Car insurance in Tucson – $1,514

Car insurance in Tempe – $1,556

Car insurance in Chandler – $1,630

Car insurance in Mesa – $1,635

Car insurance in Phoenix – $1,700

Car insurance in Gilbert – $1,754

Car insurance in Glendale – $1,812

Car insurance in Peoria – $1,827

Arizona Car Insurance Companies

There are many car insurance companies in Arizona from which to compare auto insurance quotes. Some will give discounts to older/younger drivers, others to those in a certain profession.  We have reviewed some of the biggest national car insurance companies (those which are underlined), but these may not always provide the best Arizona car insurance quotes for your personal circumstances.

21st Century Depositors Northbrook
ACA Economy Occidental
Acuity Electric Owners
Affirmative Encompass Pacific Indemnity
AIG Esurance Pacific Specialty
Allied Property & Casualty Farm Bureau Mutual Permanent General
Allstate Farmers Pharmacists Mutual
Alpha Property & Casualty Federal Phoenix Indemnity
AMCO Fidelity National Primero
American Bankers Financial Indemnity Progressive
American Commerce Firemans Fund QBE
American Family First Liberty Response
American Family Home Foremost Safe Auto
American Federation Garrison Safeco
American Fire & Casualty GEICO Safeway
American Home Assurance Granite State Secura
American International Hartford Security Insurance Company
American Modern Horace Mann Sentinel
American National Houston General Sentry
American Reliable IDS Standard Fire
American Standard Illinois National StarNet
American Sterling Infinity State Farm
AMEX Assurance Insurance Company of the State Teachers
AMICA of Pennsylvania Titan
Anchor General Integon TOPA
Arizona Automobile Liberty Mutual Travelers
Austin Mutual Lincoln General Trumbull
Automobile Insurance Company Markel Twin City Fire
of Hartford Mendota Unigard
Balboa MeraStar Union Insurance Company
Benchmark Mercury of Providence
California Casualty Metropolitan Unitrin
Central Mutual MGA Insurance Universal Casualty
Charter Oak Fire MIC Insurance USAA
Civil Service Employees Mid-Century Victoria
Coast National Milbank Vigilant
Colorado Casualty Mountain West Viking
Commerce National General Warner
Commerce & Industry National Interstate West American
Country National Union Fire Western Agricultural
CSE Safeguard Nationwide Western General
Dairyland Nevada General Western United
Deerbrook Newport

The best way to start looking for car insurance in Arizona is to complete your zip code into the box at the top of the page and receive free quotes from a number of Arizona car insurance companies. By shopping around, comparing quotes and asking about any auto insurance discounts you may be entitled to, you could save up to 50% on your Arizona car insurance!

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