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Auto Club of Southern California

Auto Club of Southern California was the first automobile insurance company in the United States. Started back at the turn of the 19th century Auto Club of Southern California has been providing excellent coverage at age old prices. As the name implies the insurance company began business in Southern California and slowly moved into the northen part of the over the first couple decades. To this day they are still quiet small, providing coverage in only 12 states around the country. The company is split into several comapnies in order to provide the best service to all their customers.

The original Southern California branch services all of California and offers insurance to American citizens living in the northern portions of Mexico. Northern New England covers New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Auto Club of Alabama covers beyond the state borders to Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Lousiana, and portions of Illnios and Indiana. New Mexico and Hawaii are the only branches to serve only within their borders. Every branch has the similar insurance options and identical discounts and savings. Also they are all ranked extremely high in customer service ratings and claim service.

Purchasing insurance from a smaller company has several positives including personal service and a multitude of incentives that large companies will not offer. Auto Club of Southern California offers a expansive product list in which potential customers can pick and choose so they purchase the plan to suit their needs. Also personal towing by the company or approved towing company makes sure claims are processed in a timely manner and with the utmost care. The company operates differently than most insurance companies, instead of one agent in a single office. They have group offices with several agents to cut cost which they can pass down to the customer. Also this insures when the worse happens, customers can have confidence in the fact at least one agent will be in the office or on call always. Working with the Auto Club of Southern California gives customers the peace of mind of ideal coverage at a competitive price.

There are a few draw backs of working with a company who only operates in a dozen states around the country. While traveling in other states Auto Club of Southern California’s coverage carriers over but any emergency are transfered to partner companies. In a money saving effort some of the partner companies lack the incredible response time and claim service. Also receiving reimbursement for repairs is delayed because of the payment must be transfered throug two companies instead of one. However, Auto Club of Southern California has worked in the past few years to make a seemless transfer of payments for customers wo require out of state repairs.

Auto Club of Southern California offers a wide range of discounts including: good student, good driver, and multiply vehicle discounts.

Using the oldest has benifets and incentives beyond the mega car insurance companies. Auto Club of Southern California has quick claim service and there is always an agent ready to help with all customer needs.

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