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Automobile Club Group (ACG) review and rating

Automobile Club Group History

America Automobile Association was first founded in March, 1902 in Chicago, Illinois. The main aim of the association was to lobby for improved road infrastructure making available safer transportation across the US. The union was first formed by nine individual motor clubs which had an initial membership of around 1,500 members. Some of the trend-setters of the AAA were the Chicago Automobile Club, the Rhodes Island Automobile club, Grand Rapids Automobile club among others. The union expanded its operation over the years; the first notable achievement being the publication of US Road maps in 1905. The School Safety Patrol Program was initiated in 1920 followed by the AAA foundation of traffic safety in 1947. The AAA foundation of traffic safety conducts motorists’ safety.

In 2009, AAA is reported to have over 50 million members in North America alone, with its mandate and operation traversing all the states. AAA is much different from other insurance since its car insurance wing is provided to by the 69 automobile clubs across the 50 states; AAA’s car insurance wing is called the Automobile club group or the ACG.

Should I get Insurance from AAA or ACG?

ACG is known to provide quality auto insurance covers in terms of services and rates. Any one interested in cheap car insurance rates and premium will find good deals at ACG. Automobile club group is also known to lobby for motorists to make certain that motorists’ needs are met and implemented in good standards. Some of the key lobbying interests of the group are development and advocacy for improved infrastructure. The company has a network of well integrated car insurance companies that are able to offer good comparison on cheap auto insurance quotes.

Triple A Insurance Negative Reviews

AAA’s interested have met some critics over the years, more profoundly on its stand on environmental issues. ACG stand on its intents have been interpreted differently by some of the companies lobbying for green and sustainable infrastructure. In response to this, the company has started a campaign to sensitize the need and awareness of plug in hybrid vehicles in response to green environment.

Special Services offered by AAA/ACG Auto Insurance

The Automobile club group offers unique services to each of its car insurance members, some of the common services offered with an auto insurance cover are; road services, travel guides, emergency automobile assistance and some free US states road maps. Some other benefits are unique discounts which are attached with any auto insurance cover, for instance customers can choose a number of coverage options and large discounts for policyholders interested in Life, home or any other kind of policy.

States Covered by AAA Insurance

ACG is available in all states across the US, the automobile club group has management groups which oversee given states according to logistics and demographics, for instance AAA Texas, AAA Mexico and AAA Hawaii form the greater Auto club of southern California Enterprise.

Overall rating and satisfaction by consumers
Compared to other insurance, ACG is much more preferred as one stop shop for whole integrated, cheap insurance policies. Car insurance rates are easy to find and subsidized as compared to finding offers from other auto insurance companies, claims settlements procedures within ACG is done promptly. The overall rating for the company has always been four out of five stars.

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