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Country Auto Insurance Rating and Review

The use of the word “insurance” dates back to ancient China, originally used in reference to the exchange of goods and services. The first car in the United States dates to 1893. Henry Ford massed produced cars for the first time in 1908, making them readily available to a large number of consumers. Then came the need for car insurance. Choosing an auto insurance company isn’t easy. There are so many choices. While it would be easy to put off the decision, the fact is that it is the law that you have auto insurance in every state. One company that offers auto insurance is Country. How do they stack up against the rest?

Company History

Country Auto Insurance, headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, is one of many companies that offer auto insurance. The company got it’s start in 1925 and first offered auto insurance in 1927. Country was created by farmers in 1925. During this time insurance was not often provided to rural communities and the farmers decided to ban together and provide coverage for each other. Crop insurance was the first type of coverage provided, followed by auto and life insurance.


Country has received positive reviews for customer service, these include access to agents 24/7 (a real person, not a recording or a voice service) and comparison of rates and quotes before you are committed to purchase. Some customers have mentioned that service is prompt and that claims were paid quickly and that paperwork was kept to a minimum. Longtime customers have generally expressed satisfaction with the service they have received.


The main complaint with Country is that they do not offer the lowest rate among all auto insurance companies, so if you are looking for extremely cheap insurance or bare minimum coverage, this company is not for you. Some customers have found their rates increased with being given advance notice. Some customers have also mentioned that the extra commissions are not worth it most of the time, since they only apply in extenuating circumstances. There are also some customers who have said they had to wait for payment of their claims. Some customers have not been happy with the turn around of agents, saying they deal with too many new people.

Special Services Offered

Country offers 24/7 customer service. They also offer coverage for teen drivers and incentives for not having any accidents. Country provides prompt handling of claims with agents available to answer questions.

States Covered

Country has more than 3,000 employees and over 2,000 agents. They offer coverage in 10 states in the United States (generally the mid-west and some north western and north eastern states.) They have offices in Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon, Georgia, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Overall Rating and Satisfaction By Customers

Country is ranked eighth in the country between 2000-2008 with the fewest ratio of auto complaints. Weiss Ratings recently presented Country with an A+ rating (highest possible rating) This rating was based on year end 2009 performance and includes customer feedback.

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