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Encompass Review and Rating

There are many auto insurance carriers to cover. One that certainly should be considered highly is Encompass insurance. This is a company that has been around for many years.The company has been in existence since 1982. It was formerly known as CNA insurance and changed it’s name in 2010 to Encompass. This company has a strong profile and is one that has stood the test of time. This company provides automobile, life and home insurance. This company also is one that provides universal life insurance. Encompass changed it’s name in 2000 to better reflect it’s employees, and is a major player in the insurance world. This company is based in Chicago, Illinois. It also has an office in Reading Pennsylvania. It also has thousands of independent agents who are located all over the U.S. who are familiar with their policies.
Encompass has the benefit of being a l known insurance company and one that has a great deal of experience processing various claims for individuals. One of the pros of using a company such as this is knowing that they have much experience in processing claims, and is well known. Another thing that is important to understand about Encompass is that they offer a universal policy, which offers comprehensive coverage for home based businesses. In other words one policy can cover all of the insurance needs. This is a positive benefit to have, as one does not have to go from company to company and get a variety of policies. Encompass is also a subsidiary of Allstate insurance which is one of the major insurers in the U.S. It is beneficial to know that they are backed by a major insurance agency and have benefit from all the information that Allstate has. It also has thousands of agents who are independent and are familiar with the company and it’s policies.
One of the potential drawbacks to this company is that it does not have offices located all over the United States, and as such may not be as responsive to the consumer as some other companies are. It is also not a well known as some insurers, so people may be reluctant to use services provided by Encompass. Some individuals have complained that Encompass is slow to process claims,and can be unprofessional. Some individuals claim that their policy never paid on a claim. Any insurer however, is going to have issues with it’s customers from time to time, although there are 13 complaints listed on the internet against this agency.
Special services that are provided by Encompass include a large number of policies that are available for non profit agencies and those agencies that specialize in serving consumers. It has affordable policies that have umbrella protection for small community oriented businesses, and offers individual policies as well.
Encompass insurance serves almost all US states and has coverage over 175 million vehicles, so it is one of the largest insurers in America. It is safe to say if one is living in the contiguous US they should be able to get coverage from Encompass.
It has consumer satisfaction ratings of 95.6 percent so it is one of the highest customer service ratings in all of the states. Individuals should consider Encompass, as it has mostly positive ratings.

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