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Erie Insurance Company Review

In 1925, the Erie Insurance Company was born. H.O. Hirt and O.G. Crawford are credited with creating the original logic based business plan for this dynamic and successful insurance company. Three short years after opening for business, the Erie Insurance Company had already expanded to operating offices in different cities. While the company was expanding the geographic business territory, it was also broadening insurance policy options offered to consumers as well. Today, the Erie Insurance Company offers auto, fire, inland marine, and homeowners insurance policies.

Should You Buy a Policy from Erie?

There are certainly some compelling reasons to consider the Erie Insurance Company for your individual policy needs. Customers continuously report high levels of overall satisfaction with their auto insurance policies. If an accident does unfortunately occur, you can quickly refer to your car insurance policy card and find direct phone numbers to reach live human beings. When performing a comparison of different prices for auto insurance policies, Erie Insurance tends to jump right to the top of the list when looking for a cheap quote. It is consistently documented that the customer service representatives working for Erie are very empathetic and sensitive to customer needs and concerns.

Erie Car Insurance Quotes

On the Erie Insurance Company website  you will discover that you are not able to obtain a quote online. You do actually have to contact the Erie Insurance Company to get your price for an auto insurance policy. However, this may be worth it because Erie does tend to provide very cheap and affordable car insurance quotes in comparison to the competing insurance companies.

The Erie Insurance Company has established and maintained very high levels of financial rankings, ratings, and strength. Perhaps most noteworthy being the company’s financial strength. Ultimately, this is important to the consumer because it represents a company’s ability to pay claims even in the event of the company experiencing a costly financial disaster. In other words, you want to make sure that your car insurance provider is able to help you get your vehicle fixed after an accident, even if the company itself is struggling financially.

What States does Erie Issue Auto Insurance in?

Currently, Erie auto insurance policies are written in 11 states including Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland/District of Columbia, Tennessee, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. If you happen to reside in 1 of the 11 states where Erie car insurance polices are written, you might want to spend some time getting a quote as Erie consistently produces cheap car insurance quotes in comparison to the competition.

Erie Car Insurance Rating

J.D. Power rates the Erie Insurance Company a 5 out of 5 in overall purchase experience, policy options, price, and local agent performance. Erie’s website is overflowing with positive testimonials from satisfied customers. Erie auto insurance polices offer the consumer many convenient advantages in comparison to the competition. If you do happen to live in a coverage area, it would be beneficial to get an auto insurance quote from Erie. Once you get your car insurance quote, simply do a comparison to see if it is the cheapest.

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