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Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance company is the third largest insurance provider in the United States and protects drivers in all fifty states across America in partnership with its sister company 21st Century. The company was started in California by two entrepreneurs, John C. Tyler and Thomas E. Leavey, looking to offer loans to people in and around the California. After several meetings they came to agreement on the company’s name and offerings, they felt that farmers and ranchers deserved more affordable insurance than their urban counterparts. Since their inception in 1927 Farmers has grown exponentially, today they provide not only home insurance but business, financial, recreational, life, and their largest market automobile insurance.

Farmers’ auto insurance is rated top in the country because of their great customer service and several types of coverage at competitive rates. Auto insurance companies might appear to be all the same but Farmers tries to make customers’ experience the easiest and painless as possible.

Since the company is so large they can offer great pricing and a wide range of services. Auto coverage can include or exclude: collision, liability, and collectors insurance. Collectors insurance is perfect for the car enthusiast who owns many older model vehicles which hold value beyond the name on hood. According to consumer reports Farmers has the best collector car insurance out of the top car insurance companies. In addition to a wide range of coverage, they also offer good student discounts, multiple driver coverage, and multiply car coverage. Farmers can also group together all insurance offers to provide the best price for the customer. They can mix and match auto with any of their other services for personal packages for protecting all that is dear to their customers.

Although Farmers has the most complete coverage out any of the insurance companies they have not always been the best in customer service. Less than a decade ago they were ranked worst in claims and payment. However they have turned around all their departments and only five years ago were ranked most improved out of all insurance companies. Unfortunately, the improvement has not carried over to new agents. Newer agents and subsidiaries of the company still have a lingering reputation when it comes to pay outs after accidents. To get the best service use a Farmers agent who has been around through the changes and has pull in the company, usually the older the agent the more influence they have when getting payments to their clients.

Customers who have stayed with the company have reaped the rewards with great rates and incredible customer service. New customers might have increased rates but after five years rates decrease significantly. Also their good student discounts are the best in the business. Farmers is an excellent company for complete coverage on all fronts, agents have the most neogiating power when customers are only insuring a single car, but the leverage shifts and Farmers can offer better pricing, when customers use Farmers for all their insurance needs. Farmers insurance started as a simple company offer great prices to ranchers and farmers and has grown in a mega company.

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