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Geico review

GEICO, or the Government Employee Insurance Company was started in 1936 by Leo and Lillian Goodwin. Initially, the company was targeted to enlisted military officers and federal employees. By the end of their first year, over 3700 auto insurance policies had been written and the company had 12 employees. In 1980, GEICO started keeping the phone lines open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for claims, sales, and customer service. Today, in 2010, GEICO now has over 9 million policy holders.

Pros of GEICO
GEICO, like many auto insurance companies, offers accident forgiveness after 5 years, which means that for every five years of having a clean driving record with the company, they will not raise your already cheap rates if you have an accident. They also have a low price; in comparison with other insurance companies, their quotes have been known to be cheaper by most customers. They have an extremely high rating with A.M Best & Company and an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Cons of GEICO
Many users have found they are not guaranteed renewal after their initial service time ended, and those that were renewed stated their new rate quotes went up, even with a clean driving record. This varies from state to state, as some states have been recorded as having worse drivers. In addition, as with all auto insurance companies, your policy can be dropped for various reasons, such as fraud, excessive incidents, or lying to the company on the initial application and the deception being discovered later.

Special Services Offered
Some of the special services offered through the company include hefty discounts on the already cheap rate quotes, accident forgiveness, and 24/7 customer service, sales, and claims assistance by phone and web. Amongst the discounts offered by GEICO are discounts for students, military, federal employees, and senior citizens. In addition, after an accident, the company also offers rental cars and online claims service that allows a customer to do everything online, from reporting the claim to finding the repair shop, to tracking their claim to the end.

States Served
As of 2009, GEICO issues car insurance policies and gives rate quotes in all 50 states. After GEICO started issuing policies in Massachusetts, their subscriber rate climbed to over 9 million policy holders.

Overall Rating and Satisfaction
According to the GEICO website, they are rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by customers and that over 94% of their policy holders would recommend them to a friend. Of course, being the company’s website, they are going to give the most favorable reviews. However, independent websites also give the company great reviews; for every negative review, there are usually between 4-6 positive reviews about Geico. In comparison to one of their major competitors, GEICO has higher ratings and more positive reviews. Because no company fits all, each customer needs to do their own research. As a GEICO customer myself, I have never had any problems with them and thoroughly enjoy their service.

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