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Grange Insurance Company

Founded in January of 1935, Grange Insurance Company has offered automobile insurance for generations. Currently they offer coverage in thirteen states, and are a billion plus dollar provider of insurance.

One of the benefits of acquiring a auto policy through Grange would be the ability to work with independent agents. These agents have the ability to filter through a variety of companies to locate the best one to meet their needs.

A quick comparison of quotes shows that Grange Insurance does indeed offer competitive prices, and cheap policies. On top of this, discounts are offered to individuals with good driving records and a safe automobile.

A poll taken in 2008 showed that 96 percent of Grange customers that had filed a claim with the company would recommend the company to others.

Some of the most popular features of a Grange Insurance auto policy are:

Coverage of medical payments. This covers you, your family, and any passenger(s) riding along with you. Medical coverage payments will be paid regardless of who is at fault. The limit of payments made for medical coverage vary, and the amount of coverage can be set by the buyer.

Personal injury protection that will cover what medical payment coverage might not. Things such as lost wages could be recovered no matter which driver was at fault.

Liability coverage that will protect you should you cause bodily injury and/or damage to the property of another. Almost all states require at least liability insurance by law, and tickets received for failure to maintain a base level of car insurance are very expensive.

Comprehensive coverage that will cover incidents not related to traffic accidents. Natural disasters, weather related incidents, and vandalism are examples. This coverage is required on most financed cars. Damage that is not traffic related can still be very expensive, so it is recommend to have this coverage.

Collision coverage that will pay out if an accident is your fault.

The price of your policy will vary with the level of coverage you select, so it is advisable to obtain quotes with different levels of coverage to find the best price for you.

The cons of Grange Insurance are the fact that some customers claim that they received cheap rates to begin with, only to discover that their policy rates went up without cause upon renewal. Other complaints include high premium hikes were incurred after an accident, and that the customer service department for the company needs improvement.

Grange Insurance offer special services such as identity theft protection should your car be broken into. This protection will cover lost wages and expensive incurred to repair any damage that was caused by your identity being stolen.

Policies can be purchased from Grange insurance in the following states: Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

At the present time the company has a grade of A+ with the Better Business Bureau, and almost all of the research I have done on Grange Insurance has been positive. I definitely would recommend spending a few minutes to do a car insurance comparison and obtain a quote from Grange.

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