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Illinois Car Insurance

Despite having the third highest number of road and highway miles in the country (292,789), Illinois has a remarkable record for road safety, and residents consequently enjoy far lower car insurance rates than the national average. Major road safety campaigns have reduced the number of alcohol-related fatalities by 15% according to statistics published by the Illinois State Police and the total rate of road traffic fatalities and serious injuries per 100,000 registered drivers is the lowest in the country outside of DC according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Vehicle owners have no alternative to car insurance in Illinois (such as a bond or self-insurance certificate) and auto insurance in Illinois is compulsory. Low rates of car theft outside of Chicago and St. Louis help to keep Illinois auto insurance rates low, as does the percentage of uninsured drivers in Illinois (estimated at 15%) which is again lower than the national average.

Illinois Car Insurance Requirements

One further contributory factor to the cheap car insurance rates in Illinois is the State´s low minimum liability limits. Although not the lowest in the country, they suffice for most types of vehicle collision. Uninsured Motorist (UM) Bodily Injury Insurance in Illinois is compulsory however, and if you chose to take a higher level of UM coverage than the minimum, underinsured motorist bodily injury insurance (which is not compulsory at the minimum liability level) must be taken as well.

Minimum liability limits for auto insurance in Illinois:-

$20,000 for injury/death to one person

$40,000 for injury/death to more than one person

$15,000 for damage to property

$20,000/40,000 for uninsured motorist bodily injury

Illinois Auto Insurance Laws

Evidence of your car insurance in Illinois has to be carried with you at all times and, if you are stopped for a traffic violation or after an accident, you will need to produce the insurance card issued by your insurance company. Failure to show evidence of auto insurance in Illinois will result in the suspension of your car registration and a minimum fine of $500.00. In addition, you will then have to get SR-22 insurance in Illinois order to drive legally again, and pay a further $100.00 fee to re-register your car.

There is a minimum suspension period of four months if you have been found not to have Illinois auto insurance on more than one occasion, and the Secretary of State´s office also dispatches random letters requesting proof of car insurance in Illinois. If you receive one of these letters, you have just 30 days to respond and verify that you have car insurance in Illinois before your vehicle registration is revoked.

Recommended Illinois Car Insurance Coverage

Inasmuch as the roads in Illinois are safer than many States, it can often save you a considerable amount of money to cover yourself for more than the minimum Illinois car insurance liability limits. If you have the misfortune to be involved in a serious accident for which you were at fault, $20,000 will not cover an awful lot of medical expenses. Furthermore, it does not cost a lot more to insure a car in Illinois for the $100,000 coverage most experts recommend.

In the larger metropolitan districts – particularly Chicago and St. Louise – you may want to consider fully comprehensive auto insurance in Illinois due to the higher rates of car theft (see below), and in areas which are exposed to the polar jet stream – and the extreme weather conditions that result – you should get a level of Illinois auto insurance which at least covers the value of your car.

Cheap Illinois Car Insurance Quotes

Although it is easy to recommend that everybody should have comprehensive car insurance in Illinois, it has to be paid for. There are certain tips you can use to your advantage to get cheap auto insurance in Illinois. First, increase your deductible – not to level which makes having car insurance pointless – but to something which is manageable and justifiable in terms of how much money you will save on your Illinois car insurance.

Secondly – and particularly viable if you are a young driver – take an advanced driver´s course. Completion of an Illinois “Drivers Ed” course is suggested, and often required, prior to obtaining your learner’s permit but, once you have achieved a full driver status, you should take advantage of the discounts offered by car insurance companies in Illinois to those who can prove their skills at a higher level.

The third golden rule to get cheap auto insurance in Illinois is to shop around.

Illinois Car Insurance Ratings

The car insurance quotes which you are ultimately presented with are compiled using Illinois car insurance ratings. These ratings consist of historical factors which affect the level of risk Illinois car insurance companies have to take when insuring you to drive.

Two people of the same age and gender, living in the same house and driving the make of vehicle could find themselves paying different amounts of auto insurance in Illinois because of their professions. Other factors which may influence auto insurance quotes in Illinois include:-

  • Marital Status – Age and gender have already been mentioned, but if you are married you are regarded by Illinois car insurance companies to be a responsible person – even more so once you have children!
  • Credit Rating – Financial responsibility also plays a big part in determining how much car insurance in Illinois you will be expected to pay. It is assumed that if you are watchful with your money, you will be watchful on the roads.
  • Driving History – Drivers with an impeccable driving record will benefit from their care and attention on the road with lower auto insurance premiums. Conversely, if you have been convicted of a DUI offence, you will pay considerably more once your license is reinstated.
  • Year, Make and Model of Vehicle – Auto insurance rates in Illinois are also heavily influenced by the safety features in modern cars. Even if you have a recent model, with a much higher value than your neighbor´s old “banger”, you will benefit from reduced car insurance rates in Illinois.
  • Vehicle Usage – As well as your profession making a difference to how much Illinois car insurance you pay, if you use your car to travel to and from your place of work, you will be penalized by Illinois car insurance companies. Lower usage = lower premiums!

Most Stolen Cars in Illinois

Each year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau produces a report called “Hot Wheels” which lists the most frequently stolen vehicles by State. If your vehicle appears on this list you may be punished with higher auto insurance rates in Illinois.

The list for 2010 was as follows:-

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Dodge Caravan
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. Honda Accord
  5. Pontiac Grand Prix
  6. Ford Taurus
  7. Chevrolet Impala
  8. Oldsmobile Cutlass
  9. Chevrolet Malibu
  10. Pontiac Grand Am

Where Your Vehicle is Most Likely to get Stolen in Illinois

A second report compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau lists the metropolitan districts in which your vehicle is most likely to get stolen. The list is ordered in relation to the population of the district, so although you might be surprised to see Springfield appear higher in the list than Davenport this is because Springfield has a smaller population.

The list for 2010 (with national position in brackets) was:-

  1. Chicago (45)
  2. St. Louis (74)
  3. Rockford (156)
  4. Springfield (203)
  5. Davenport (224)
  6. Kankakee (251)
  7. Peoria (266)
  8. Cape Girardeau (273)
  9. Danville (299)
  10. Champaign (342)

Typical Illinois Car Insurance Rates

Regional variations such as whether you live in a busy urban district or rural area with less traffic will make an obvious difference to your car insurance rates in Illinois. The county or town in which you live can also have an impact, as the list below illustrates. These figures indicate the average car insurance premiums paid in 2009. Your own Illinois car insurance quote may be higher or lower depending on your own personal circumstances.

Car insurance in Peoria – $994

Car Insurance in Rockford – $1,008

Car insurance in Springfield – $1,017

Car insurance in Waukegan – $1,119

Car insurance in Joliet – $1,132

Car insurance in Naperville – $1,144

Car insurance in Aurora – $1,178

Car insurance in Elgin – $1,203

Car insurance in Chicago – $1,290

Car insurance in Cicero – $1,639

Illinois Car Insurance Companies

The Illinois car insurance market is one of the most competitive – a further indicator that car insurance companies feel that there is a lower risk factor in Illinois – and the best way to get cheap Illinois auto insurance is to compare the offers from each company listed below. Some will offer the best car insurance rates in Illinois for younger or older drivers, or drivers who work in a certain industry. Those which we have reviewed are underlined for your convenience.

21st Century Electric Millers
Acuity Encompass Milwaukee
Addison Farmers Erie Insurance National General
Affirmative Esurance National Heritage
AIG Farmers Automobile National Interstate
Allied Property & Casualty Farmers Union Cooperative National Surety
Allmerica Financial Federal National Union Fire
Allstate First Acceptance Nationwide
Alpha Property & Casualty First Chicago Omni
AMCO First Liberty Owners
American Access First National Pacific Indemnity
American Bankers Foremost Pekin
American Family Founders Phoenix
American Family Home GEICO Progressive
American Fire & Casualty General Casualty Response
American Freedom General Insurance Rockford Mutual
American Heartland Company of America Safe Auto
American Home Assurance Globe American Safeco
American International Grange Insurance Safeway
American Modern Great Northern Secura
American National Grinnell Security National
American Security GuideOne Selective
American Select Harleysville Sentinel
American Service Hartford Sentry
American Standard Hastings Mutual Shelter
AMEX Assurance Horace Mann Standard Mutual
AMICA Mutual IDS State Auto
Apollo Casualty Illinois Emcasco State Farm
Atlantic Mutual Illinois Farmers Teachers
Auto Club Family Illinois National Travco
Auto-Owners Indiana Insurance Company Travelers
Automobile Club Insura Trumbull
Badger Mutual Insurance Company of Illinois TrustGard
California Casualty Insurance Company of the Unique
Central Mutual State of Pennsylvania United Automobile
Charter Indemnity Co Interstate Casualty United Equitable
Charter Oak Fire Iowa Mutual Unitrin
Chubb Kemper Independence Universal Casualty
Cincinnati Liberty Mutual USAA
Citizens Madison Mutual USAgencies
Columbia Mutual Markel Victoria
Constitutional Casualty MemberSelect Vigilant
Consumers Insurance USA Mendakota Viking
Country Auto Mercury Warner
Dairyland Metropolitan West American
Delphi Casualty MIC Insurance West Bend Mutual
Depositors Mid-Century Westfield
Economy Midwest Family Mutual Yosemite

The quickest way to compare car insurance rates in Illinois is to enter you zip code into the box at the top of the page and complete a short initial questionnaire with the insurer of your choice. You are under no obligation to accept their Illinois car insurance quotes and do not forget to ask if you qualify for any further discounts.

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