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Kemper Review and Rating

Short History of the company
Kemper is an insurance company in America that was formed in the year 1926. The company has been offering auto insurance services to millions of customers. Over the years, this insurance company has grown to become one of the biggest in the market with slightly above 4,000 agents who work independently with the aim of providing customers with quality insurance programs. All the underwriting companies that are under Kemper have constantly been rated as providing excellent services to their clientèle.

Pros of the Company
As an insurance company, Kemper has a number of pros. These pros are beneficial both to the customers and the employees. To the employees, Kemper offers competitive opportunities both in terms of salaries and career growth. The benefits that are offered to the employees by the company are equally competitive. To the customers, Kemper has remained true to their needs. The services and products offered to the customers are not only affordable but also convenient.

Whatever the needs of the customer, Kemper is well able to cater for them through the experience gained over the years in the field of insurance. The coverage for automobiles offered by Kemper is highly competitive and the services are equally exceptional. Kemper has also continued to give assurance to their customers regarding the safety of their homes and property. Auto insurance at Kemper insurance is cheap and highly affordable. This is in comparison to the rates that are offered in the market today by other insurance companies.

Cons of the Company
One disadvantage of Kemper Insurance Company that has been cited by employees is the fact that the top management does not seem to recognize the efforts of their employees. Employees feel that their work is not appreciated. Furthermore, they feel that there are not enough incentives to motivate them to work even harder. However, there are not many complaints from customers regarding the products and services offered by Kemper.

Special Services Offered
Some of the special services offered by this company to its customers include enabling customers to check their payments online. Customers can also make arrangements with the management so that they can make withdrawals automatically using a credit card account. The highly and well trained employees of this company have remained on the forefront in ensuring that both the agents and customers of this company receive high quality services.

States Covered
Kemper insurance company has its headquarters in Long Drive, Illinois. Most of the services of the company are offered through its branch in Lumberman. The company’s services however cover virtually all or most of the states in America.

Overall rating and satisfaction by consumers
The overall rating of Kemper insurance company is good. Research shows that although there are a few complaints from the employees and the customers, most people feel that the services offered by the company are high quality. The satisfaction of customers is equally good since most customers seem happy and satisfied with the products and services of the company.

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