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Liberty Mutual Review and Rating

Short History Of The Company

Founded in 1912, Liberty Mutual, then called the Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association was a response to a state law that required workers compensation insurance. However, by 1914, they wrote their first automobile policy and by 1917, their name changed to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. It was not until the 1960′s that Liberty Mutual began to offer life insurance. Since then, Liberty Mutual has become one of the leading insurance companies in the nation, even acquiring companies such as Safeco in 2008.

Pros of The Company

There are several pros for Liberty Mutual. Based on their history, Liberty Mutual is one of the oldest and more reliable of the insurance companies around. Rarely does it seem there are cons when it comes to their customer service. They have exceptional customer service as representatives are courteous, and they contact their insured customers regularly to update them on their policy and ask if they are satisfied. Despite the fact that the payment is lower (and therefore much more affordable) than leading insurance companies they still work around scheduled payments, they are knowledgeable, and they act quickly on all claims.

Cons of Company

Liberty Mutual also has several cons in relation to their insurance service. There have been a lot of reviews that stated their history with accident claims is less than stellar. First, they low-ball the accident claim which means if there truly needs to be more to the claim, customers sometimes have to get a third party lawyer involved. They’ve also been known to raise prices after an accident even if it is not the drivers fault. The last drawback is a similarity to other national insurance companies in that that penalize drivers with less driving experience, up to ten years.

Special Services Offered

There is a variety of distinct services offered by Liberty mutual. Some of the specialized services include customer service, claim support, and provider support. In recent years, Liberty Mutual has offered services in relation to property insurance as well as Family and Medical Leave Act Administration Services and services for disabled customers.

States Covered

Although Liberty Mutual Insurance Company covers all states, that does not necessarily mean they have advertised offices in each state. States where there is not advertised offices based on mapping sites and information include Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming. Meanwhile, the most dense areas that include insurance offices are in states along the North-East portion of the United States and California.

Overall Rating And Satisfaction By Consumers

Overall rating and satisfaction by consumers is mostly positive. Whether it is property insurance or auto insurance, satisfaction with most customers with Liberty Mutual’s customer service and customer support is high. Consumers recommend Liberty Mutual for families and its affordability. Satisfaction in this insurance company is not as high when it comes to insurance claims. Although there is satisfaction amongst many consumers with their insurance claim adjustor and experience, many become aggravated and frustrated. The negative reviews refer to the low-balling of claims, the higher insurance fee, and an inability to get a hold of Liberty Mutual when needed. Nonetheless, with almost a hundred years of experience, Liberty Mutual is still considered one of the reliable insurance companies.

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