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Mercury Insurance

Among the large and all inclusive insurance companies Mercury is the youngest being started less than half a century ago. Started by the insurance visionary George Joseph in 1961, Mercury was and is still committed to offer great insurance at low cost to the customer. They accomplish this goal by handling claims on a personal basis and tight money management. Each claim is inspected before and after repairs to insure a quality fix at an affordable price. Joseph began the company and worked solely in California for almost thirty years before expanding into other difficult markets where larger mega insures left due to high costs of customers.

Mercury may be cost effective but they do not cut corners, since they are a smaller insurance company they have more personal relationships with their customers and handle each claim on a personal basis. As they grow there support and customer service will be tested but their proven record of incredible service and customer support is impeccable. Each potential customer speaks directly with a Mercury agent before any transactions are made. The agent will design a custom policy based on coverage, pricing, and vehicle in order to give the best possible coverage and price. Mercury offers custom policies in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

Many of the negatives of having Mercury as an insurance carrier stem from their great service. Since they handle claims and policies on a personal basis time between incident and payment is longer than most insurance companies. The wide variety of services can be confusing and unnecessary for some drivers, knowing the coverage needed before going into a Mercury agent is the sure way of getting the best price fro the right coverage.

Discounted rates are all the rage for auto companies and Mercury is the same. They offer “good student discounts,” multiply car discounts, good driver discount and company discounts. Although they are general discounts Mercury has the best discounts in the business because they allow customers to combine discounts so they can get the best price possible. All of these offers can be researched in more depth on their website.

People who pick Mercury rarely change companies because of their great customer service and personal touch. They have been known to handle customers claims within hours under the worst conditions, they understand that a person’s car is a vital part of everyday life. Sometimes they try to offer to much coverage to customers but with a little background research regarding personal auto insurance needs will provide a hassle free experience. Mercury also provides insurance on customer’s houses, boats, RVs, and a number of other policies. Of course having multiply items covered by the same company can lower costs.

Working with Mercury Car Insurance guarantees a cheap price but remember a cheap price also means cheap coverage. Mercury sells the most basic and necessary insurance at the best price with unparalleled customer service whether its day or night.

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