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Metlife insurance

Metlife insurance is one of the oldest insurance companies in existence. This company has been working in the insurance field for over 140 years. While operating as a privately held company for most of it’s time of existence, it has been publicly traded on the NYSE under the stock symbol MET since 2000. It is one of the most successful and largest companies in the country. It’s estimated income in 2005 was 4.6 billion dollars. As you can see, it has come a long way from being able to be privately held.

Metlife has received much praise for the business that they run. Despite the fact that they are a fortune 500 company, many believe that they are able to still provide the customer service that is top quality. Some have even gone so far as to say that the company has integrity and is a good corporate citizen. In one customer review the customer says that you really are not able to have the success that Metlife has had unless you are able to deliver a professional service to all of your customers. He says that in his personal experience Metlife has always been able to do this and that he in part switched to this company for that reason.

Not all customers agree however. Some have said that the company is very good at taking in their premiums, but not so great at paying out claims. The company has been accused of being very slow when making claim payments, and also being a strong fighter against making these payments. Having to “fight” with the company in order to just get what is in your contract with them is not something that many customers are happy with having to do. It is one of the chief complaints leveled at the company.

Metlife has a few special services away from just car insurance. They also work in the fields of wealth management, group dental insurance, banking services, and life insurance. Don’t think of Metlife as just an auto insurance company when you could also benefit from it’s other services.

Metlife is able to offer nearly all of their many services to every state in the country as well as many other parts of the world. The only places where some of these services might not be available is Alaska and Hawaii. Their impressive size has allowed them to almost literally reach all four corners of the globe.

Overall Metlife is given a thumbs up by most customers. They rate well not just on their car insurance division but on many of the other special services. If you are looking for an all around package company then many customers recommend this company. They have relatively low rates, but it doesn’t end there. The reputation that they have in the industry should put them easily on your short list. The fact that they have consistently taken care of their customers and grown the business is something that should catch your eye. Metlife car insurance does not rate off the charts in any category, but they do rate generally well in almost all categories. A solid company.

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