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Nationwide Car Insurance Review

A Short History of Nationwide
Originally designed to benefit the Ohio farmer as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, The company was formed in 1926 as strictly an auto insurance provider for the local farmers. In 1934, the company expanded to other states and by 1955 officially changed it’s name to Nationwide Insurance. Originally serving as a mutual fund company, Nationwide went public in 1997, offering complete coverage for home, life and vehicle.

Pros of Nationwide
Traditional coverage of property, and casualty is all-inclusive, and includes additional benefits covering farm, commercial, flood, identity theft, and even pet insurance. Auto insurance coverage includes, traditional auto and personal coverage, as well as their Nationwide Blue Ribbon Service. In many cases this special service policy can save you money, and includes a written guarantee on all repairs, plus your choice of pre-qualified auto repair shops. Online repair up-dates offer constant repair review.
Life insurance coverage is offered through the traditional whole life, term, and universal policies. Besides homeowners insurance, renters can receive policy coverage for possessions while renting. Over-all, you will find good, cheap, dependable insurance with Nationwide when shopping for quotes.

Cons of Nationwide
There are those that will always complain about a company’s customer service when something doesn’t go in their favor, however the legitimate Nationwide policy holder’s main complaints have focused on lack of notification with rate hikes. Although the price of living does go up constantly, they feel that the communication could be better. It is uncertain whether this is the company’s fault or the local agency through which the policy was originally handled.

Special Services Provided by Nationwide
Savings, checking acounts, CD and money market accounts are available, as well as loans for college, buying a car and many others lifestyle needs. Other special benefits include, travel insurance and special liability insurance for accidents related to your company or short term events. Discounts are also available due to age, health, driving records, schooling, or business. It is always important to put together the types of services and discounts you are inquiring about. There are also special offers provided individually state by state. Nationwide has been in the lead of competition for many years due to these offers.

States Covered by Nationwide
Nationwide Insurance coverage is just exactly what the name says, “Nationwide.” However, with their corporate headquarters located in Columbus, Ohio they have regional headquarters in Des Moine, Iowa, San Antonio, Texas, and Gainesville, Florida. You can go to the Nationwide website and find local providers in your area.

Overall Rating and Satisfaction of Nationwide Consumers
As with any company, there will be ratings in favor and against. Overall, Nationwide has received favorable ratings in every aspect of coverage. If you have any complaint what-so-ever Nationwide has a service center located through phone, fax, or email. Individual Nationwide providers in your area should be researched to make sure of customer ratings before proceeding. A company can’t last three-quarters of a century without having a good rating comparison.

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