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Nebraska Car Insurance

Residents of Nebraska benefit from some of the lowest average car insurance rates in the country due to a low density population, a low percentage of uninsured drivers and an incredibly low rate of vehicle theft. If it was not for the damaging extremes of weather experienced in the State, comprehensive insurance rates in Nebraska would almost be on a par with basic auto insurance policies providing the minimum liability levels drivers in Nebraska are required to carry by law.

There are also alternatives available to vehicle owners who do not wish to take out an auto insurance policy in Nebraska. Financial responsibility can be proven by depositing cash or securities to the value of $75,000 with the State Treasurer, obtain a surety bond from a surety company approved by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or self-insuring with the DMV although certain restrictions apply to who is eligible for this option.

Nebraska Car Insurance Requirements

As most drivers in Nebraska who have $75,000 spare cash also have the good sense to invest the capital and pay for their Nebraska auto insurance from the interest, car insurance in Nebraska is by far the most popular way of proving financial responsibility. As a “tort” State, the only compulsory is that you carry liability insurance with the following minimum limits:-

$25,000 for injury/death to one person

$50,000 for injury death to more than one person

$25,000 for damage to property

Uninsured/Underinsured motorist protection of $25,000/50,000 has to be offered to you when you apply for a Nebraska auto insurance quote, but it is optional (although recommended) whether you include this coverage in your Nebraska car insurance policy or not.

Nebraska Auto Insurance Laws

By law, you required to provide evidence that you have Nebraska car insurance (or alternative means of financial responsibility) whenever asked to by a law enforcement officer or after a vehicle collision. Failure to show evidence of Nebraska car insurance will result in points being added to your license and, if you do not have any form of auto insurance in Nebraska, you will be fined $500.00 and have your driving license and vehicle registration suspended.

Failure to have any form of auto insurance in Nebraska will result in a court conviction and in order to legally get behind the wheel of your car again, you will have to file SR-22 car insurance in Nebraska for a period of three years from the date on which the original ticket was issued. If, however, you fail to pay the fine for not having Nebraska car insurance, or get caught driving before the SR-22 car insurance in Nebraska is filed, a court can order that the three year period starts again.

Recommended Nebraska Car Insurance Coverage

Although the minimum liability limits for Nebraska car insurance are around the average for the country, they are considered by most industry professionals as too low if you are responsible for an accident in which another driver is catastrophically injured. Nebraska has the highest percentage of fatal vehicle collisions in the country (source “NHTSA Traffic Accident Statistics 2009”) and therefore drivers are recommended to increase their liability for injury and death to at least $150,000/$300,000.

Although Nebraska enjoys one of the lowest rates of uninsured drivers in the country (8% according to the Insurance Research Council), it is also worth considering the uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance protection when it is offered to you in your Nebraska car insurance quote, or taking out a equivalent level of personal injury insurance to protect yourself and your passengers. Finally, as Nebraska is frequently tormented by tornados throughout the summer, you might want also want to consider a fully comprehensive Nebraska car insurance policy if you have a valuable car and no safe place to park it.

Cheap Nebraska Car Insurance Quotes

In the State of Nebraska, car insurance companies offer policies in which you can exclude certain household members who may be perceived as high risk (see “Nebraska Car Insurance Ratings” below). This will enable you to get cheaper car insurance quotes in Nebraska if you have teenagers in your family, kids who have already established a poor credit record or anybody who has already acquired a driving conviction.

Usually, the most successful way to get cheap Nebraska car insurance quotes is to compare the marketplace and then ask each of the cheapest auto insurance companies in Nebraska if you qualify for further discounts (for example: for combining your car insurance policy with your home insurance). However, be careful of the small print.  Many companies offering cheap auto insurance in Nebraska will have a long list of all possible circumstances that would free the company from the responsibility of paying a claim. It is important to examine your Nebraska auto insurance policy carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

Nebraska Car Insurance Ratings

Car insurance rates in Nebraska are determined by your car insurance ratings and those of the people who are also likely to drive your car – this is why excluding people perceived by insurance companies as high risk is important if you want to save money on Nebraska car insurance. The “ratings” are determined on historical data which illustrate to an insurance company what level of risk they are taking. For example:-

  • Where You Live – One of the first questions asked by a Nebraska auto insurance company is your zip code. This is because they will instantly know whether you live in a historically accident-prone area, a busy urban or quiet rural location, or one in which there is a higher level of vehicle theft (see our “Nebraska Hot Spots” below).
  • Age and Gender – Younger drivers are statistically more likely to be responsible for road traffic accidents (45% of accidents in Lincoln in 2009 were caused by drivers aged under 34) as are males (in three quarters of the 45%, the driver was a man). You are also eligible for a discount if you are aged 55 or over and have taken a state-approved defensive driving course.
  • Credit History – Car insurance companies in Nebraska are also allowed to take your credit history into account when determining what level of risk you – or another driver on your car insurance in Nebraska – present to them. Statistically, the better your credit score the more likely you are to drive responsibly on the road.
  • Driving History and License Status – Of course, if you can demonstrate that you have maintained an impeccable driving history and clean driving license, you will be rewarded with cheap car insurance in Nebraska. Young drivers may want to take advantage of a “Pay-as-you-drive” auto insurance plan in Nebraska until such time as they establish a driving history.
  • Vehicle Usage – The driver who uses their car for long journeys to and from work every day is going to pay more for their Nebraska auto insurance than the weekend driver. Drivers who spend a long time on the road are more likely to be involved in an accident, and this might also reflect in the level of car insurance in Nebraska they should have.

Nebraska “Hot Spots” for Vehicle Theft

Each year the National Insurance Crime Bureau compiles a nationwide list of the metropolitan districts most prone to vehicle theft. The list allocates the top 360 positions on their “Hot Spots” list based on the number of vehicles stolen against the population of a district. Remarkably, only three districts within Nebraska had a sufficiently high rate of vehicle theft to be included on the list.

The “Nebraska Three” (with their national position in brackets) were:-

  1. Omaha (64)
  2. Sioux City (276)
  3. Lincoln (298)

Most Frequently Stolen Vehicles in Nebraska

Even though the residents of Nebraska are comparatively law abiding, car insurance companies will also look at the make and model of the car you drive when assessing your car insurance rating. Certain cars catch the eye of criminals, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau helps the car insurance companies in Nebraska identify which vehicles are the most popular by producing a state-by-state analysis called “Hot Wheels”.

If your car appears on this list of the ten most commonly stolen vehicles in Nebraska, you should invest in additional security measures to negate any premium added to your Nebraska auto insurance rates.

  1. Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)
  2. Ford F150 Pick-Up
  3. Dodge Ram
  4. Chevrolet Pick-Up (S-10)
  5. Ford Explorer
  6. Oldsmobile Cutlass
  7. Honda Civic
  8. Ford F250 Pick-Up
  9. Buick Century
  10. Honda Accord

Typical Nebraska Auto Insurance Rates

Even though car insurance rates in Nebraska are among the lowest in the country, you will pay more if you live in one of the big cities or an area which is notorious as an accident hot-spot. The following is a list of the average car insurance rates paid last year in selected Nebraska metropolitan districts. If you are paying more than these rates, you may want to consider taking advantage of our free car insurance comparison tool at the top of the page to get a selection of cheap Nebraska auto insurance quotes.

Car insurance in North Platte – $1,015

Car insurance in Kearney – $1,047

Car insurance in Grand Island – $1,183

Car insurance in Lincoln – $1,192

Car insurance in Hastings – $1,302

Car insurance in Freemont – $1,335

Car insurance in Omaha – $1,440

Nebraska Car Insurance Companies

There are very many car insurance companies in Nebraska who will be willing to provide you with a quote. Some will offer discounted rates to members of certain professions or those who have family members in the Services. Bear in mind to ask about “Pay-as-you-drive” car insurance in Nebraska if you are a low mileage driver, and remember to check the paperwork carefully for exclusions before you sign it.

AIG Farm Bureau Mutual National General
Alliance Farmers National Union Fire
Allied Property & Casualty Farmers Alliance Mutual Nationwide
Allstate Farmers Mutual North Star
Alpha Property & Casualty Farmers Union Cooperative Owners
AMCO Federal Peak
American Fidelity National Pharmacists Mutual
American Bankers First Liberty Phoenix
American Family Foremost Progressive
American Home Assurance Garrison Safeco
American International GEICO Sagamore
American Modern General Casualty Security Insurance Company
American National General Insurance Company Sentinel
American Reliable of America Sentry
American Standard Great Northern Shelter
AMEX Assurance Great Northwest Standard Fire
AMICA Grinnell State Farm
Auto-Owners GuideOne Teachers
Battle Creek Mutual Harleysville Travco
Buckeye State Mutual Hartford Travelers
California Casualty Horace Mann Twin City Fire
Cincinnati IDS Union Insurance Company
Columbia National Iowa Mutual of Providence
Dairyland Le Mars United Fire
Depositors Liberty Mutual USAA
Economy Metropolitan Vigilant
Emcasco Mid-Century Viking
Employers Mutual Midwest Family Mutual West American
Encompass Motor Club Insurance Associates Western Agricultural
National Farmers Union Workmens Auto

Nebraska auto insurance companies, although providing some of the cheapest car insurance quotes in the country, are not always the best at providing information about further discounts you may be entitled to. If you are a young driver, have a look at some of the advanced driving courses that are available on the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety web site. The extra skills you gain are not intended just to benefit you financially but ask your car insurance company if they will offer you’re a cheaper car insurance quote if you enroll in one of these classes.

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