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New Jersey Car Insurance

Whether your vehicle is new or used, it is important to protect your car with insurance — a necessity in case of an accident. New Jersey requires you as the owner of the car, to have liability, uninsured motorist coverage, and or personal injury insurance. While driving the car, your insurance card must be in your car at all times.

Liability insurance will cover any damage that is caused by you. While personal injury will cover any medical expenses — regardless of the person at fault. The uninsured motorist coverage will provide coverage if the person driving does not have proper insurance or none at all.

The minimum requirement is $15,000 for coverage for both death and injury, and $30,000 for injury of you plus someone else. For property damage a minimum amount of $5,000, is needed. If the person who is driving the car, has had an accident and has no insurance, there will be penalties and fines, plus your drivers license may be suspended. Furthermore, you may need to complete community service.

If you are looking for car insurance companies in New Jersey, doing a sound amount of research will get you the right insurance. However, here is a small list to get you started: Chubb, AIG, GEICO, SF Insurance, Unitrin, and Balboa. Getting the right company means investigating the ones that interest you. Visit independent insurance rating companies such as A.M to help you find a rating for the insurance company that your after.

Inspections on your car, are mandatory in most states. There are standards that need to be met. For New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission is one of the companies that regulates the inspections of motor vehicles. To meet the requirements of the commission, your car needs to be inspected every two years. Once the inspection has been made, a new date should be placed on the car for the next inspection.

Cars that are exempt from these inspections are cars that are seen as collector cars, or historic vehicles that are more than 25 years old. For historic cars, they need to be registered as historic vehicles. Tractors for farms, and various construction equipment are not needed to go through the inspection process. Military vehicles and fire trucks are also exempt from the regular inspection.

If your car is brand new, and has been brought to New Jersey from out of state, your car will need to have a four year sticker inspection on it. If you are someone that has relocated to the city, then a proof of insurance needs to be submitted, with your new registration and your valid drivers license within 14 days to the MVC.

If your car has failed inspection, a red sticker will be placed on your car, and a report will be submitted to discuss why your car did not pass the inspection. If there are any small minor equipment problems with the motor vehicle it should not fail the inspection. However, a certificate will be given to you with suggestions of repairs for your car. This however, is not mandatory to be shown for proof that it has been completed.

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