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New Mexico Car Insurance

New Mexico Car Insurance is very important for anyone that is going to be driving the streets and highways of New Mexico. This is no different than any other state but if you are a resident of New Mexico you are probably only interested in what the requirements are in your state, so here you go, information that will help you decide which car insurance company is right for you.

Minimum Requirements For New Mexico Car Insurance

Each state has minimum requirements that any car owner must carry in order to be in compliance with state laws. In the state of New Mexico those minimum requirements are as follows:

$20,000 to cover bodily injury or the death of one individual in an accident

$50,000 each accident for injury or death of an individual in the vehicle

$10,000 each accident for any property damage

Remember, these are just the minimums that must be carried to be in compliance with New Mexico Car Insurance requirements and if you wish you can increase these limits in order to have better coverage.

How Do You Prove That You Have Adequate Coverage?

When you purchase New Mexico Car Insurance coverage you will be issued an insurance verification card that must be carried in your vehicle at all times in order to prove to the authorities that you actually do have car insurance in case of an accident of you are stopped by the police. Failure to carry this proof can result in a fine of $300 or more whether you have the coverage or not.

Why Is It Important To Include Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

When you apply for car insurance you are usually asked if you would like to include Uninsured Motorist Coverage to the policy. Including this coverage is a good idea since New Mexico has the most uninsured motorists in the nation. With 29% of the drivers in the state uninsured adding this coverage to your policy protects you from those instances where you are involved in an accident that was not your fault and the other driver is not insured. It can save you a lot of time and money.

Car Insurance Companies That Operate In New Mexico

Here is a partial list of the car insurance companies that sell car insurance in New Mexico

Liberty Mutual
State Farm

Since New Mexico Car Insurance is such an important part of responsible car ownership, nobody should leave it to chance that they have the right coverage for their car. Saving a dollar or two is a good idea but leaving oneself at risk for financial ruin should not be a part of the process. Pinching pennies in this economic climate is a great idea but getting the right coverage can save dollars in the long run. Make sure you get the right information before you make that decision to purchase your car insurance policy.

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