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North Dakota Car Insurance

Inasmuch as car insurance rates in America can vary substantially from State to State due to differing car insurance requirements, there can also be significant fluctuations within a single State. Nowhere is this more apparent than North Dakota, where auto insurance rates can range from 25 per cent below the national average to 12½ per cent above. The main reason for this is that the State is one of the less densely populated in the country, and regional variations in the causes of accidents are more noticeable.

For example, the North Dakota Department of Transport produces an annual “Crash Summary” which is compiled with the assistance of the North Dakota Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies. Among the regional variations noted in 2010, Burke County had a much higher fatality rate due to DUI than any other county (14 times the average for the State) and Cass County witnessed 75 per cent more speeding related accidents than its nearest competitor. If you live in either of these counties, expect your auto insurance in North Dakota to be higher than elsewhere in the State.

North Dakota Car Insurance Requirements

North Dakota is a “no-fault” State, and drivers are required to carry personal injury protection on their North Dakota auto insurance in addition to liability insurance and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. Collision and comprehensive car insurance in North Dakota is not required by law, however if you live in an area where there are frequent accidents involving wayward deer collision insurance is recommended, and comprehensive car insurance in North Dakota may be a necessary condition of taking a loan to pay for your vehicle.

Minimum liability limits for auto insurance in North Dakota

$25,000 for injury/death to one person

$50,000 for injury/death to more than one person

$25,000 for damage to property

$25,000/$50,000 for uninsured/underinsured motorist protection

$30,000 for personal injury protection

North Dakota Auto Insurance Laws

North Dakota auto insurance is mandatory unless you own a fleet of twenty-five cars or more – in which case you have the option of self-insurance. Vehicle owners must at all times carry proof of having car insurance in North Dakota. Usually this is by means of the insurance identification card provided by North Dakota auto insurance companies, but drivers who have difficulty in obtaining auto insurance in North Dakota can also show a certificate as evidence that they belong to the North Dakota Automobile Insurance Plan.

Failure to provide evidence of car insurance in North Dakota attracts a $150.00 fine for a first offence and the impounding of your license plates for a second or subsequent offence within a three year period. If you are involved in an accident or stopped by a law enforcement officer and it is subsequently discovered that you do not have insurance, you are awarded 14 points on your license – enough to get you an automatic driving suspension.

Recommended North Dakota Car Insurance Coverage

In North Dakota it is difficult to recommend a “one-size-fits-all” car insurance policy. Because of the high vehicle accident fatality rate throughout the State (almost double the national average) one would suggest increasing your injury/death liability limits to levels which would protect you if you were ever liable for an accident which resulted in catastrophic injury. However, as 52 per cent of vehicle accident fatalities involve high levels of alcohol, and 60 per cent of fatalities occurred to people who failed to wear a seat belt, it may also be advisable to increase your personal injury protection in case you are the victim of a negligent driver.

As mentioned above, it may be necessary for you to carry comprehensive car insurance in North Dakota if your vehicle is leased or purchased on finance and, although car theft in North Dakota is relatively low in comparison to the rest of the country, if you live in one of the districts highlighted in our “Hot Spots” section below, compulsory car insurance in North Dakota may be advisable. Fortunately, according to the Insurance Research Council the rate of uninsured drives in North Dakota is among the lowest in the country (5 per cent), so the cover provided on a standard North Dakota auto insurance policy should be sufficient for your needs.

Cheap North Dakota Auto Insurance Quotes

According to the North Dakota Department of Transport “Crash Summary”, teenage drivers account for 6.4 per cent of the State´s registered drivers but are responsible for 25.2 per cent of road traffic accidents which result in an injury. Therefore, if you are a young driver in North Dakota, you may believe that it is impossible to get cheap North Dakota auto insurance quotes, but that is not strictly true.

Among the improvements all drivers can make to their vehicles in order to obtain cheap North Dakota auto insurance quotes, the fitting of automatic seatbelts will derive the maximum financial benefit (as well as possibly saving your life). Installing air-bags, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices will also lead your North Dakota car insurance company to believe that you present a lower grade of risk to them, as will maintaining an excellent credit score and getting good grades at school (see our “ratings” section below for a more definitive explanation of why you should study hard and be financially responsible).

Car drivers taking collision insurance and comprehensive car insurance in North Dakota should consider increasing their deductable – especially if you have an emergency fund, but provided that the subsequent reduction in the North Dakota car insurance quote is worthwhile – and all drivers would be advised to take advantage of the car insurance comparison tool at the top of the page to see if they can better what they currently pay for car insurance in North Dakota.

North Dakota Car Insurance Ratings

Car insurance ratings indicate to North Dakota auto insurance companies what level of risk they are taking when they offer you insurance. The higher the risk, the more you will pay for car insurance in North Dakota, so it is worthwhile understanding what car insurance ratings are and how they influence your own personal North Dakota auto insurance quotes.

Many people will understand that a clean driving record without points and claims will help you to get cheap car insurance in Dakota, but you may not be aware of some of these other factors which contribute to your North Dakota car insurance rating.

  • Where You Live – The first personal detail you are ever asked for by a North Dakota auto insurance company is your Zip code. Normally this would be to see if you live in an area which historically has a high incidence of road traffic accidents or vehicle thefts, but if you live in Burke County or Cass County, the high level of accidents attributable to alcohol and speeding may increase your car insurance quote.
  • Your Credit Score – People who live a financially responsible life are also regarded by North Dakota auto insurance companies to be responsible drivers as well. Car insurance companies in North Dakota rank responsibility highly among their ratings criteria, so if you maintain excellent grades at school, lock your car in a garage at night or combine your North Dakota car insurance policy with another form of insurance, you will benefit by cheap car insurance in North Dakota.
  • Age and Gender – It has already been mentioned above that 25.2 per cent of road traffic accidents which result in an injury during 2010 were attributable to teenage drivers, but you will also be penalized if you are a male young driver. All of the fatal accidents in 2008/9 in Grand Forks and Fargo were caused by male drivers, and only in Dickinson did the rate of road traffic injuries caused by female drivers exceed those of their male counterparts.
  • Vehicle Usage – The more you use your vehicle, the more statistically you are likely to be involved in an accident. Therefore, car insurance companies in North Dakota give discounts for drivers who use their vehicles infrequently, and those who apply safe driving practices (keeping within speed limits, maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you etc.) may also qualify for the recently introduced pay-as-you-drive car insurance in North Dakota.

North Dakota “Hotspots” for Vehicle Theft

Each year the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) produces a list of the 360 metropolitan districts in which car theft is the most widespread. The figures are produced in relation to car theft per capita and, as North Dakota has a low population density, one might expect several metropolitan districts to feature on this list. However, only three cities appear on the NICB´s “Hotspots” report – although if you live in any of them, you may be paying a premium on your North Dakota auto insurance.

The North Dakota “Hotspots” for 2010 (with their national position in brackets) were:-

  1. Fargo (289)
  2. Grand Forks (320)
  3. Bismarck (343)

Most Frequently Stolen Vehicles in North Dakota

The NICB also publishes a report relating to the most frequently stolen vehicles by State. Referred to as “Hot Wheels”, auto insurance companies in North Dakota also refer to this list when compiling your North Dakota auto insurance quote. You may wish to add additional security devices to your vehicle if you drive one of the following:-

  1. Chevrolet Pickup
  2. Ford F150 Pickup
  3. Chevrolet Impala
  4. Dodge ram
  5. Pontiac Gran Am
  6. Ford Taurus
  7. Chevrolet Lumina
  8. Chevrolet S-10 Pickup
  9. Ford F250 Pickup
  10. Mercury Sable

Typical North Dakota Auto Insurance Rates

As mentioned at the top of the page, there is a wide disparity between what rates you might be charged for car insurance in North Dakota depending whereabouts in the State you live. The figures below where the average car insurance rates paid by vehicles owners in selected locations throughout North Dakota. Your own individual car insurance quote will be factored around your own personal circumstances and your North Dakota car insurance rating.

Car insurance in Fargo – $1,071

Car insurance in Dickinson – $1,108

Car insurance in Grand Forks – $1,248

Car insurance in Jamestown – $1,297

Car insurance in West Fargo – $1,474

Car insurance in Bismarck -$1,502

Car insurance in Minot – $1,511

Car insurance in Williston – $1,598

Car insurance in Mandan – $1,639

North Dakota Car Insurance Companies

Below we have produced a list of the car insurance companies licensed to provide auto insurance in North Dakota. We have reviewed those which are underlined, and you can read what we have to say about them by clicking on the link or using the review menu pane to the right of this page.

Acuity Dakota Fire Motor Club Insurance Associates
AIG Depositors National Farmers Union
Allied Property & Casualty Emcasco National General
Allstate Employers Mutual National Interstate
AMCO Encompass National Union Fire
American Bankers Farmers Nationwide
American Family Farmers Alliance Mutual Nodak Mutual
American International First National North Star
American Modern Foremost Northwest Insurance
American National GEICO Omni
American Reliable Grinnell Owners
American Standard Hartford Pharmacists Mutual
American West Horace Mann Progressive
Amica Mutual Integon Safeco
Auto-Owners Liberty Mutual Sagamore
California Casualty Markel Secura
Center Mutual Metropolitan State Farm
Cincinnati Auto Mid-Century Teachers
Country Insurance Midwest Family Mutual United Fire
Dairyland Milbank USAA

There are not as many car insurance companies in North Dakota as you may find in other States, but plenty enough to make a competitive market. The best way to get cheap insurance quotes in North Dakota is to shop around – a task easiest done by taking advantage of the car insurance comparison tool at the top of the page. Remember that when you receive your North Dakota auto insurance quote to ask if there are any further discounts available – for example if you pay your car insurance a year in advance or if you have recently fitted automatic seatbelts to your vehicle.

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