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Ohio car insurance

Obtaining good information about insurance companies should not be difficult in Ohio as there is lot information available on-line through various insurance ranking sites. There are several companies that offer Ohio car insurance with the top ones including:

Geico insurance company
Geico insurance company offers discounts to its clients and offers on-line assistance to its customers, where they can register their claims or ask their dedicated staff for advice on the best policy to take 24 hrs a day. It also has AA ratings making it one of the best companies in the state.

Allied insurance
Allied Insurance Company offers its services to all ages’ adults, young adults and teenagers. It has been around for quite some time and hence it has a huge client base that’s always giving referrals so it guarantees giving a policy that best suits their clients needs. It also offers very competitive rates.

State farm insurance
State farm is one of the best insurance company to be associated with it offers its services in personalized manner with its clients able to monitor their policies on-line 24/7.It has very low rates that can be tailored to suit each client’s needs..

All state insurance
Offering very low rates and gives their customers reliability, dependability and personalized services for every one of their clients that best suits their insurance needs. It also offers quality discounts for safe drivers, student’s safe cars and persons who hold other policies with them.

The state law in Ohio requires that a minimum of $12,500bodily injury liability, and a total of $25,000/ accident. A minimum of $7,500 for property Damage liability coverage is also required. The state follows a tort system which ensures that any person to be at fault in the event of an accident is liable to pay the costs through his/ her insurance company. Motorist bodily injury coverage is not a requirement in Ohio though it is important for a person this cover as it protects uninsured or under-insured persons. The state requires $5,000 worth of coverage for medical expense Benefits.

The average insurance premium for Ohio car insurance currently stands at $1,210 and the national average at $1,552. The state of Ohio has number of requirements for its residents where all persons are required to have an insurance policy as long as they are driving a car. Although this is for the benefit of the residents to protect themselves in case of accidents to protect their property the state finds it punishable not to have a policy covers. The government of Ohio ensures that all this requirements are adhered to.

Before getting any cover one is advised to make uninformed decision, by looking at all the available offers in the market and choose one that applies to your situation including one that follows the state law. Seek the assistance of an Ohio car insurance broker or customer service and have them explain their policies thoroughly and try to bargain for the best rates as the rates are not rigid they vary according to policies and different companies.

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