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South Dakota Car Insurance

All That You Ever Needed to Know About South Dakota Car Insurance

To drive legally in any state in the US, you need to have your insurance papers in order. If you reside in South Dakota and you would like to know more about car insurance in South Dakota, then this article will clear all your queries. Usually people approach an insurance agent or a reputed company for all their car insurance needs. However, this can be a bit time consuming especially if you need to know all about South Dakota car insurance within the shortest time possible. It’s normal to be hesitant when it comes to getting new car insurance, but it provides ample coverage when you get into an automobile accident. Getting cheap car insurance in South Dakota will require a bit of shopping around. Therefore, it would be a good idea if you knew how to reduce your car insurance premiums.
State Requirements for Car Insurance
The State deems that you should be financially capable of purchasing car insurance; otherwise, you cannot touch your car. The penalty for not proving your financial capability will be a bit severe. It will be classified as a Class 2 misdemeanor and you will have to:

• Pay $100 or serve 30 days in a county jail and sometimes both.

• Have your license suspended for a period of one year

• File proof of SR-22 status if you are a high-risk driver. This usually done for a three-period and if you don’t renew it before its expiry, then you will get your car license revoked immediately.

• Pay insurance premiums for SR-22, which are very high.

South Dakota is not a no-fault state, so all the rules of the no-fault state don’t apply here. Hence, you don’t need to take Personal Injury Policy or PIP insurance. The state follows a tort system; it simply means that everybody should have adequate coverage. This makes it easier for the insurance company to pay off the damages based on the harm caused by each individual in case of accidents. If you are not in good terms with the driver with whom you had a crash, then you can file for long lawsuits for mental agony, suffering and pain.
Liability coverage is the most common car insurance in South Dakota. The minimum liability for car insurance in South Dakota will be for bodily injury/death coverage for at least $25,000 up to a maximum of $50,000 per injured person. If you inflict bodily damage/death upon more than one person, the coverage amounts to $50,000. The property liability damage will covered for just under $10,000.
Insurance Companies That Offer Car Insurance in South Dakota
There are about 103 car insurance companies in South Dakota. Here are some of them.

• AMEX Assurance

• 1st Auto & Casualty

• Acuity

• Allied Property & Casualty

• American Bankers

• American Family Home

• American Home Assurance

• American Commerce

• American International

• American Modern

• American Standard

• Buckeye State Mutual

• California Casualty

• Center Mutual

• Columbia Mutual

• De Smet of South Dakota

• Dairyland

• Buckeye State Mutual

• Farm Bureau Mutual

• Farmers Alliance Mutual

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