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Texas Car Insurance

Texas Car Insurance is governed under the Texas Department of Insurance. They set the requirements for the minimum amounts of coverage that must be held by all vehicle owners. Anyone that has ever owned a vehicle knows that it is important to make sure that they maintain insurance coverage on that vehicle.

Minimum Requirements For Car Insurance In Texas

* Liability insurance $30,000 for each person that is injured per accident
$60,000 for all persons injured per accident
*Property damage $25,000

There is no requirement that each vehicle be covered for uninsured motorist but it is a good idea to include it in your policy since there is an increase in the numbers of people that are finding some way to operate their vehicles on the roadways without the benefit of insurance. With that in mind the responsible drivers must protect themselves with this coverage.

What Are The Penalties For Not Having Car Insurance?

Drivers that do not purchase liability insurance will not be able to get their vehicle inspected or renew their vehicle registration. That driver will also not be able to renew their drivers license either without showing proof that they are taking steps to be financially responsibility for their privilege to drive on the roadways.

If this driver is stopped for any traffic violation or for any other reason by an officer of the law they will pay a fine of $175 to $350 for the first violation. Along with that may be fines for invalid registration and expired inspection sticker and expired drivers license. Subsequent convictions for violations will receive fines from $350 to $1,000, and likely suspension of drivers license and impound of the vehicle.

What Companies Are Licensed To Offer Car Insurance In Texas?

This is just a partial list of car insurance companies that are licensed to sell insurance in Texas. To find a more comprehensive list you can go online and type in the state and car insurance.

* Allstate
* State Farm
* Hartford
* Geico
* Progressive
* Foremost
* Farm Bureau

What Is The Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Texas?

In 2010 the average cost of car insurance in Texas was $1,462.65 per year. That leaves Texas coming in at 24th in the entire nation when it comes to car insurance premium rates and drivers pay about $30 more than what is considered the national average.

When it comes to protecting your own interests it is always a smart move to purchase car insurance even if you believe you are a very good driver. We have all heard that it is the other driver we have to look out for, but the fact is that even the best drivers do have accidents through no fault of their own.

That brings up another very important issue with car insurance. Adding Uninsured Motorist coverage to your policy is recommended because of the increase in the incidence of uninsured drivers on the roads today.

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