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The Hartford review and rating

History of the Hartford Auto Insurance

The Hartford Company was begun in 1810, marking this year, 2010 as its bicentennial anniversary of serving clients in many different countries around the world. Some of those companies include the United States, Ireland, Britain, and Japan. The Hartford offers insurance policies that range from life insurance to mutual funds and everything in between. They even offer a college plan for the parents of children who will be attending a university. Their clients are individual customers as well as established businesses and other institutions that need their services. Their services can be obtained in person or online.

Pros of The Hartford Car Insurance Policies

The Hartford offers many different policies and low introductory rates for the potential customer. Because they have two hundred years of service, they are very experienced in insurance policies and what the clients would need in those policies. The insurance company employs almost 30,000 people and had $2.3 billion in revenue in the year 2005.
Cons of Company: Many customers are dissatisfied with the company and have closed their accounts because of that. Many customers have felt that they have been taken advantage of because the insurance rates rise without any notification. The customers often feel that they are not listened to or communicated with, therefore they cancel their policies.

Special Services offered by the Hartford Car Insurance

Along with insurance policies, they offer annuities, savings plans for the children’s college, and mutual funds.

What States does the Hartford Cover?

They sell insurance in all 50 states.
Overall rating and satisfaction by consumers: Many customers have complained about several things in regards to this company. First is the constant raising of the rates when the low introductory rate is over. In some cases, the customer’s rate was raised nearly 30% and there was no accident or ticket on their record. Customers also complained that the rates were raised without them being informed of the hike. Customer service was not a great selling point for this company either. Many customers complained that the person they spoke to could not properly speak English, but that is not surprising. Many customer service jobs have been outsourced to other countries in which English is not a primary language. There have been several disgruntled customers who have had their coverage lessened, especially when they needed to have a car fixed. The customers seem to believe that the insurance company does whatever they can to not pay out any money to the customer or for repairs to the customer’s vehicle. Clients who were involved in medical problems and needed money quickly were often left waiting for the insurance company to gather enough of their data to make a decision upon whether to pay for their hospital stay or not. In a breakdown of their customers, 10 % were extremely satisfied with the service they got while 59% of their customers were very unsatisfied with their service. 17% of customers were very or somewhat satisfied with their services while 14% were unsatisfied with the service they received from this insurance company.

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