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Top Rated Car Insurance Companies

Many people get peace of mind from knowing they have good car insurance. It allows them to be prepared in the event of an accident or if their car is broken into or otherwise damaged. Consumers view cars as investments, and they are not purchases that are taken lightly. Therefore, the comfort a good insurance policy provides is invaluable. That being said, drivers also want the most service for the cheapest rates that they can get. There are many auto insurance companies around, and all claim to offer the best insurance at the lowest rates. Below is a list of some of the top rated car insurance companies based on services, price, and customer service.


Founded in 1937, Progressive is known to maintain competitive car insurance rates and has customers in all fifty states. Progressive has also worked hard to grow their online customer support and has a comprehensive, easy to use website. They offer rate comparisons, payment plan options and even have an area on the website devoted to money-saving tips. They are also known for having excellent customer service representatives who are knowledgeable and helpful. Progressive customers say their claims are handled quickly and effectively, and the rates are consistently low.


Esurance is a relatively new auto insurance company. They specialize in online and telephone service, which allows them to be available to customers twenty-four hours a day. They offer online quotes and make it easy to change a policy quickly. Customers report they offer cheap auto insurance, but they resolve claims quickly and have excellent customer service representatives.


Geico has become known for its television commercials featuring a gecko that represents the company. However, Geico customers report that their rates are extremely competitive and that they resolve claims as quickly as possible. Many customers have used them for car insurance for over five years and Geico has built a very loyal customer base. Their website offers online quotes, and they have also have representatives available by phone twenty-four hours a day.


Nationwide is one of the larger, and perhaps more well known insurance companies. Their auto insurance division has won awards for excellent claims service, and is one of the areas the company prides itself on. While they are not known to have the cheapest rates, they do give big discounts for things like a multi-car policy, time a driver is accident free and insuring both a car and a home on the same policy. Nationwide also has claims representatives that will work with drivers to tailor a policy to their needs and budget. Customers said this was a big asset and one of the reasons they preferred this company for their car insurance.


AAA is another big auto insurance company that has gained a reputation and being very customer friendly. They offer perks like maps and triptiks to drivers as well as auto warranty services. AAA is also known for being a one stop shop for drivers for anything related to their car, and not just for car insurance. Customers claim their road side service is a big perk as well as the travel services. AAA also offers member savings on things such as movie tickets and discounts on vacation spots such as Walt Disney World.


Allstate takes a slightly different approach to auto insurance. Instead of focusing on their online services and cheap rates, they focus on services such as immediate accident forgiveness and personal service. They do have a website that offers online quotes, but drivers who use Allstate report that having a live agent work with them is one of the standout features.

State Farm

State Farm is another insurance company that has been around for a long time and has built a reputation on being reliable and stable. Customer service agents stay with their accounts for many years, giving drivers a contact to personally call when they have an accident or just want to change a policy. Many customers stated that having a dedicated claims representative that stayed with their account for a period of time gave them comfort. That kind of personal contact is important to many drivers who want to know that the insurance company has their best interest at heart.

There are many other car insurance companies in existence, and some might even have a cheaper rate. The key is for drivers to do some research and to compare policies as well as rates. A cheaper rate isn’t very helpful if the coverage is insufficient. By that same token, drivers should take some time and decide which features are the most important to them. Some insurance companies offer lower rates, but don’t have dedicated claims representatives, or only have online support. Also, some insurance companies offer many perks and bonuses, but the rates for policies may be slightly higher. There are many choices when it comes to car insurance, so with a little research, drivers will be able to find the company and policy that fits them best.

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