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Utah Car insurance

The state of Utah has regulated auto insurance. It’s required by law that one should get proof of ownership of a car insurance policy. Once you get insured your insurance company will immediately send you proof of ownership of insurance and the law requires that you should provide this should you be asked to do so by law enforcement officer.

A card is given to you in this respect. In addition a list of insured cars is compared by the state and should your car not be in the list one is required to comply by getting a cover. Penalties are charged to car owners who don’t have proof of ownership. The owner is reported to the DMV and law enforcement officers will charge such a person with class B misdemeanor and a charge of $400 that is if this is the first time the person is getting caught with the offense. Vehicle registration and license may be suspended in severe cases and won’t be given back until full proof of payment of insurance and reinstatement fee is serviced.

Utah Car insurance covers a variety of risks including:

• Personal injury protection (P.I.P)-which ensures that you pay for all the needed medical expenses both yours and your passengers.
• Bodily injury insurance-This cover protects against injury to the body caused by someone who is not covered by any insurance covers.

In Utah the minimum bodily injury liability stands at $25,000/injured person and a total of up to $65,000/accident. Personal injury protection is at $3,000 limits. The coverage for property damage liability is at a minimum of $15,000. This coverage is referred to as 25/65/15 coverage. The average insurance rate n Utah is $1,445 with the national average standing at $1,552.

There is a no fault system in Utah and this is followed to ensure that your insurance company pays for your faults to a particular limit, it doesn’t matter who was at fault. This however means that all rights to sue are taken away.

Utah car Insurance rates are not equal as all companies set their own rates there is a list of companies operating in Utah. It is important to shop around for the best available rates. These companies include:

This company offers a lot of discounts and has 24hr claim service and is rated as one the best companies in the industry. It offers top quality service to its clients.

It boosts of offering very competitive rates compared to other players in the market. Most of their covers can be made to suit specific needs of each of its clients.

This company offers very smart rates and protection for auto insurance. This company will help you save up to $400.

All state.
With All state insurance company safe drivers discounts of up to 45% and offer quality service with 24/7 toll free assistance.

Liberty mutual
They offer a very comprehensive insurance cover and don’t have long procedures this means that application is done in minutes. It also insists on offering cheap rates for its customers.

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