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Vermont Car Insurance

Purchasing Vermont Car Insurance is a smart move for anyone that intends to be driving on the roads of this great state. Before you do make that purchase there are a few things that you need to know about the cost of the premiums and requirements by the state.

Who Regulates Car Insurance In Vermont?

The Department of Vermont State Government regulates car insurance in the state of Vermont, and sets up the penalties for not having coverage in the event of a traffic stop or accident.

What Are the Requirements For Car Insurance In Vermont?

Every state sets minimum standards for the amount of coverage that must be carried on any vehicle that is driven in their state. These requirements change from one state to another so if you are intending to move to a different state you should check it out beforehand. Vermont requires 25/50/10 and that is interpreted in this manner:

* Bodily Injury Liability $25,000 per one person injured in an accident and $50,000 maximum for all injuries in a single accident.
*Property Damage Liability $10,000 for damages caused in an accident.

Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Vermont In 2010

In 2010 the average cost for car insurance in Vermont is $1,248 which is well below the national average at $1,552. That also reflects a decrease of 3% from 2009.

What Insurance Providers Offer Insurance In Vermont?

Any time a person looks for car insurance in any state of the Union it is a good idea that they check to see if they are licensed in their state before they go ahead and purchase that policy. Following is a short list of some of the vast array of car insurance providers that are licensed to operate in Vermont.

* Allstate
* State Farm
* Hartford
* Foremost
* Progressive
* Geico
* Liberty Mutual
* Nationwide
* Safeco
* Farmers

With so many drivers on the roads today it is imperative that every driver have adequate car insurance to protect themselves and others from what could happen if they should have an accident. Nobody wants to have to replace a vehicle because of the negligence of another person that has not shown the responsibility to carry car insurance on a car that has been involved in an accident.

Carrying proper and adequate car insurance is simply a matter of respect for the authorities, others and yourself and should be done out of a sense of self preservation if nothing else.

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