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West Virginia Car Insurance

In the State of West Virginia it is a requirement that you have automobile insurance on the vehicles that you own and operate on West Virginia roads. Not having automobile insurance can cost you money, either by fines and penalties in civil litigation and/or through fines assessed by the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. As with other states, West Virginia does have a minimum requirement. These minimum requirements should be looked upon as a guideline and starting point for coverage. While being insured at the minimum level will keep you out of trouble when it comes to the West Virginia Auto Insurance Commission, accidents often cost more than the minimum coverage amounts. Therefore, when choosing auto insurance, try to purchase the policy that will fit your budget and cover you for more than the state minimum.

The minimum state coverage required is as follows: Bodily liability limits of $20,000 per injured person up to a total of $40,000 per accident, and minimum property damage liability limit of $10,000. This is often referred to as the 20/40/10 coverage policy. The West Virginia Car Insurance Commission regulates auto insurance in West Virginia and is the governing body that enforces car insurance minimum coverage. When you register an automobile in the State of West Virginia, you are required to sign a sworn statement indicating that you have automobile insurance coverage and that the coverage meets state minimums. Additionally, should you ever be pulled over while driving, you must be prepared to show current coverage to any officer of the law. The same is true should you be involved in an accident. The responsibility falls upon you to show that you have current coverage. Should you be involved in an accident with an motorist who is not insured, you will be able to file a civil suit against that driver should that driver be at fault. Filing and winning a civil suit will cause that driver’s license to be suspended until you are able to recover your losses.

Many major insurance companies offer insurance in West Virginia. These companies include: AIG, Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Mercury, MetLife, Nationwide and Safeco. The State of West Virginia ranks 36th in auto insurance rates and the average rate for auto insurance in West Virginia is $76.73. Your credit rating and driving record can directly impact your auto insurance rates. Paying your bills on time and by driving responsibly you can benefit by lower premiums. The best advice one should consider is to shop around with insurance companies to see if you can also benefit by combining homeowner insurance with your auto policy. Doing so can also save you money.

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