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10 of the Weirdest Car Insurance Claims Ever

bad car accident on highway
Those who process auto insurance claims sometimes believe they have heard every conceivable story related to weird claims. In addition to unusual claims, they also have to deal with the wording that some claimants use on the forms. They often have to decipher such quotes as “To avoid a collision I ran into the other car” and “The pedestrian had no idea which way to run, so I ran over him.” However, there are enough bizarre situations that arise to prove that truth is stranger than fiction.

Acting Squirrelly

Virtually all drivers know that squirrels just seem to have something against cars. They seem to take great delight in running full speed into the middle of the street and then freezing in your path. Once you slam on the brakes or swerve to miss them, they cheerfully go on their way.

Now, apparently, they have taken up a new hobby – breaking windshields. One man filed a claim when a frozen squirrel fell from a tree and crashed through his windshield, coming to rest on the passenger seat. Another claimed his windshield was cracked when a squirrel perched in a tree hurled a nut at his car.

Bum Steer

A rural resident owned a classic collectible car, which his insurance company insisted he keep it in a garage. However, his son raised steers for shows and to enter at the fair. One day, while getting a steer ready for a show, the animal escaped his grasp and bolted into the garage. It became wedged between the garage wall and the car. The steer was freed unharmed, but the classic auto suffered numerous dents and scratches as the animal struggled to free itself.

Dogged Salesmanship

The owner of a business had a guard dog, which was normally secured during business hours. One day, a hapless salesman approached, only to find the dog was loose. It chased the salesman, who leapt onto a parked car that was neither his nor the business owner’s. The roof of the car sustained damage, but no humans were harmed.

Dog Bites Car

Pet owners sometimes claim that their dogs wouldn’t know what to do with a car if they ever caught one. This was not the case in Chattanooga, Tennessee, when a dog named Winston apparently decided that the bumper of a police car looked a lot like a very large bone. Despite the officer’s attempts to dislodge the dog by various methods (excluding deadly force) Winston managed to remove the front bumper. Winston’s owners had to make a court appearance, where they were warned that Winston had to attend obedience training and bear a special tag declaring he was potentially dangerous.

Wispy Wasp

A wasp found its way into a car and up the driver’s pants leg. In his panic, he hit the accelerator. Unfortunately, he was stopped for a traffic light, and there were cars in front of him.

Vegetable Soup

One driver claimed his accident was caused by a potato that rolled under his brake pedal, preventing him from being able to stop and thus avoid colliding with another car. Another driver slid on a patch of rotten carrots in the roadway. Yet another filed a claim for damages caused by a frozen shish-kebob tossed from a car ahead of him.

Watch for Falling Cows

A Canadian news story reported that a cow fell from a cliff and crashed onto a van traveling on the highway below. The motorists were unharmed, but a bit unsure of whether it was covered under collision or comprehensive.

Moo-ving Right Along

After a long weekend by the sea, a man enjoyed a pleasant day of fishing. As he returned to his car, he spied a cow with something long, thin, and black in its mouth. He was shocked to realize that the cow was happily chewing his windshield wiper, but even more shocked to find that the cow had attempted to extract every grain of salt (left there from his trip to the coast) on the entire car. Every piece of rubber was ruined, along with his paint job.

The Naked Truth

One motorist must have wished he had stayed in bed when a pedestrian, wearing not a stitch of clothing, jumped onto the hood of his car, bounced up and down, then jumped onto the car’s roof and continued his dance. He then leapt down and ran away. He was never identified nor are there any reports of a repeat performance.

The Camel’s Back

A man emerged from a local store just as a camel passed his car, kicked it, and placed a substantial dent in it. Fortunately, a news crew was filming in the area and, quite by accident, caught his car being “camelized” on tape. Without this evidence, his insurance company might have had a few doubts about his story.

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